We are now open again!  

  We are open, but from 4th January, this will be with newly reduced hours; in keeping with the latest government guidelines on the control and prevention of the spread of Covid-19. 

Please call (01268) 515101 to make enquiries about treatment, or to book an appointment. 

PLEASE DO NOT JUST TURN UP AT THE CLINIC, as social distancing requirements mean we will be unable to let you in if there is another patient already in the building. We have an answerphone - if you get the answerphone during office hours, it is most likely that we are treating, so please leave a message and we will call you back when we are free. 

All of us are living with a lot of stress at the moment due to the pandemic, please remember to be nice, or don't come. We will offer you the same courtesy. 

We will be treating in full PPE and will be following the government guidelines on social distancing as much as is practically possible (for a hands-on treatment like osteopathy or acupuncture). We will ask you to follow certain procedures too and explain those when you make the appointment. Unfortunately, we will have to abide by strict rules on there only being one person in the clinic having treatment at any one time.  


"My family and I have been patients of Seb and Elise for many years. (I suffer from arthritis, my son and husband from back pain.) We find osteopathy and acupuncture does help with pain, especially my recent replacement knee.

At the Brook Natural Health Centre in Long Road there is a warm welcome from reception. The rooms are always spotless and the treatment is exemplary. We can highly recommend this practice, we would not go anywhere else and why would we when the best Osteopaths are on our doorstep.

(Remember when in pain they are only a phone call away.)

Thank you Seb and Elise for all the help you have given over the years."

Joye, Frank and Terry Sessions, Canvey Island

"I suffer with very severe active Crohn's disease. I've been having acupuncture for eight weeks now and it helps to relax me and also helps with the sickness and soreness of my stomach."

Faye Crumpton, Benfleet

“I work in London, carrying my briefcase to and from the office everyday which can cause problems in my back as I try and avoid getting run over whilst crossing the roads. Whenever I have a back issue I always find the service at Brook Natural Health Centre very prompt, thorough and professional. And most importantly, it works!”

Andre De Can, Canvey Island

 "After suffering from back pains since my teens, and neck pains after a rugby accident I booked in for an appointment at the Brook Natural Health Centre.  It has a friendly atmosphere and I was made to feel welcome and relaxed.  After being asked questions on the history of my problem I was examined and treatment began.  During treatment I was told what was being done and why.  After 3 sessions I felt the best I had done in years, and can feel a greater range of movement in my neck and back.  Since my treatment has finished I have and will continue to recommend Seb and Brook Natural Health Centre to friends and family."

Michael Young, Canvey Island

"Having been told about the benefits of taking your baby to a cranial osteopath, I decided to take my son who was very unsettled and constantly sick. Still a bit sceptical, I went but can now honestly say it's the best thing I could have done. Elise made me feel totally at ease and when she explained how he might be feeling and why this might affect him,  I was really surprised. The change in him was instant and after just two sessions he was a different baby.

When I had my second baby, I didn't hesitate to take him at just weeks old to be checked out, and again, he is more comfortable and settled.

I now recommend to anyone who has an unsettled baby to visit Elise, as I cannot praise her enough for the improvement to my babies' comfort, as well as making my day easier."

Donna French, Canvey Island 

"I first went to Brook Natural Health Centre ten years ago after falling over and injuring my back. I was treated by Elise Veal and after just a few treatments, I felt well again. The Brook Natural Health Centre is a very friendly, caring practice and Elise devised exercises and treatments I could do at home to help keep my back strong. I attended the centre again just a couple of weeks ago as my back problem reoccurred and I was again treated by Elise. After just three treatments I was feeling fit and well again. I would recommend the Brook Natural Health Centre to anybody and I'm sure they would feel the same way as I do about the professional caring way that everyone is treated."

Tina Graham, Canvey Island

"We had a very tense and unsettled newborn baby girl, Emily, and we were recommended cranial osteopathy by several people. One of our friends recommended Elise at the Brook Natural Health Centre so we took Emily along. Everyone there was very helpful and friendly. After just the first session we noticed a change in Emily and only took her for two more sessions after that. Emily is now doing well and is a completely changed baby - she smiles all the time and only cries for a reason. Now, she is a happy little baby."

Sarah Dunn, Laindon

"Brook Natural Health Centre was recommended to me by a family member when I hurt my back 2 years ago. Whenever I need treatment I'm welcomed and treated in a friendly and professional way with appointments available to fit around my working day. Seb and Elise have worked with me to adapt my treatment with both osteopathy and acupuncture so I know that when I leave I will always feel better." 
Alison O'Connor, Chelmsford

"I was 30 weeks pregnant when I went to visit Seb. I had been suffering from intense pain in my back, just between the shoulders for a number of years and this had been exacerbated by the pregnancy. I only needed three visits and have been pain free since. The great thing is, you don't get charged for more treatment than is necessary. It's safe to have right up until birth and the manipulations are gentle. Seb always tells you what he is about to do, makes sure you are comfortable with it and he was very careful. I would highly recommend Brook Natural Health Centre to anyone suffering with back or joint pain during pregnancy."

Ruth Fryer, Benfleet

"Myself and some members of my family have been patients for many years and cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention you receive at the Brook Natural Health Centre. Due to recurring problems I have had over the years, Elise or Seb have been able to either eliminate or ease the pain tremendously.  In the last couple of years I have been having acupuncture, and for somebody who was quite scared of the thought of this treatment, I find it of great help and would recommend it to anyone.

Everyone at the Brook Natural Health Centre are very friendly, professional and make you feel at ease and I think we are very lucky to have this facility on our doorstep."
Christine Marshall, Canvey Island

"After suffering with pain in my arm and shoulder for about one month, I decided to visit Brook Natural Health Centre as they had helped me with my back a few years ago.  An appointment with Sebastian was made straight away and after the initial visit and one more appointment, the problem was quickly solved and no more pain.
Sebastian suggested some gentle exercises to keep the problem from re-occurring and advised that there was no need to come back again but of course to contact him again if the pain returned.  I am pleased to say that a few weeks down the line I am still pain free and would like to thank the Brook Natural Health Centre for an excellent service."
Angela Dengel, Canvey Island


"I had been under the hospital for two years for sciatica and hip pain but have had more relief in six weeks of osteopathy from Elise at the Brook Natural Health Centre."

Mrs. D. Bolton, Canvey Island


"I first attended Brook Natural Health Centre nearly eight years ago for a skin complaint and sought alternative treatment from their Homeopath after orthodox medicines failed to work. After taking some unusual remedies I’m glad to say that my skin has healed up, much to my relief.

I also have an ongoing neck complaint for which I have seen Seb for maintenance treatment over the last few years. The osteopathy and acupuncture treatments keep my neck moving and ease the pain considerably.

The practice is clean and very professional and the customer service is first rate with a very friendly atmosphere and more importantly, the fees are very reasonable too.

I’ve recommended this practice in the past to friends and family and I will continue to do so."

Simon Cope, Canvey Island.


"Dear Sebastian,

I felt I had to write and thank you for your excellent treatment and care of my back pain. After weeks of serious pain on any activity, I am now totally and completely pain free, for that I thank you. I was amazed at how quickly the pain reduced after just one treatment, and after two gone completely. It is unbelievable and I will not hesitate in recommending you and the Brook Natural Health Centre to everyone I know."

Once again my thanks,

Donna Welham, Rettendon.

 Seb, just a quick note to thank you for the re-adjustment you performed on my neck .
I entered the room and spilled onto the table, with all the grace of an overflowing water butt, yet left your treatment room gazelle-like......a big boned gazelle, (as my old mother used to say), granted..... but gazelle-like in comparison, none the less.
I recommend Brook Natural Health Centre to any other pained and aching mammal in this human zoo of life.
Gavin Robertson, (age 51), Canvey Island.

I first went to see Elise in 1995 when she was first qualified. I had neck pain and headaches.  I found Elise to be very professional and caring. She took time to find out what my problems were and I was very pleased with the treatment that I received.
I have seen Elise also with back problems and sciatica and each time I found great relief.  When you are in such pain, it is such a comfort to know Elise is there and makes great efforts to solve the problems.
I moved abroad for ten years but whenever I came back to the U.K., I would see Elise even if it was just for maintenance.
I am so glad I am back here on Canvey Island now and know that Elise is there for me whenever I need her.
I  would greatly recommend anyone with any sort of problem to contact Elise.
Lesley Jordan, Canvey Island.

I  first went to see Elise on the recommendation of my wife who had seen Elise on several occasions.


I had back pain, but on each occasion that I saw Elise I found great relief.  She took the time to discuss my problems and dealt with them in a professional manner.

I have since had problems with my neck.  I was told it was Spondylitis by my doctor.  I had several weeks of physiotherapy but it was no better.
I saw Elise just once and I can honestly say I was very  impressed, as after just one treatment I was free of pain.  After having suffered for several months, it was such a relief not to be suffering.
I would recommend anyone who has any back or neck pain to consult Elise and I'm sure you will be greatly impressed by the relief you will get from  the treatment.
Well done Elise, I hope you will continue your business and give other people the help and relief that you have given to my wife and myself.

Brian Jordan, Canvey Island.

 " I would like to give my sincere thanks to Elise; from the very first treatment for my sciatica, my mobility really improved and this enabled me to carry on with all the things I like doing again. I found her kindness, understanding and friendliness very relaxing and rewarding."

Mrs. Joan Burrows, Canvey Island.

"I was going back and forth to my G.P. and health visitor with my baby girl (4 months old) because of her constant crying. There was never a reason or a solution. Feeling her pain and frustration, I looked into alternative therapies and discovered the Brook Natural Health Centre.

I took my baby to see Elise who was very sympathetic and took her into her magic hands to do some cranial osteopathy. My baby seemed to trust Elise and completely relaxed. In fact, on our second visit, whilst Elise worked on my baby we noticed how quiet she was - that was when we realised that she was actually asleep!

Needless to say, as a family we all slept better from then on. WELL WORTH IT!!!"

Sarah Salih, Canvey Island.

My baby girl, who was 2 weeks old at the time, was really struggling with getting her wind up. I was winding her for easily an hour and a half most days and still had nothing. It was getting to the point where she was crying at the same time every night, which would of turned into colic had I not of done something, as Infacol was not working for her either.

I started searching online to see if anyone had any advice on techniques, or anything that could possibly help. I saw a couple of people mention "Cranial Massage" (Osteopaths call it "Cranial Osteopathy") which I had never even heard of, so I searched that online to see what it was.
I rung a few places and they did not work on babies. The one I found that did was on holiday, but the receptionist recommended Elise at the Brook Natural Health Centre, so I gave them a call and booked to see her.

Although it does not look like they do a lot, as it is to do with pressure points and gentle release, on my baby's first bottle after this first session with Elise, she brought her wind up.  (I was not sure whether this was a coincidence or that something had definitely worked, but I was not expecting a result that quick.) However, for the rest of that week, I was not spending any more than 20 minutes winding and getting up burps which I was extremely surprised by.

We continued with another session and on that session Elise told us that she did not feel we would need any more treatment at that time, unless our little girl starts not bringing anything up again. I thought this was nice as they didn't just keep telling us to book another session to get more money out of us. And since then, 98% of the time I just have to hold the baby up completely straight without even patting her back,  and she brings her wind up herself. If I do have to pat her back, then I literally just tap it with my fingers. It was the best money I have spent and I would use Elise again if I had another baby that struggled with wind.

I would, and have, recommended Elise to anyone, she is very friendly and makes you feel welcome.

Chevelle Whitehead, Wickford

I had recently had bronchitis and was still feeling very breathless and my chest felt very constricted. My friend had said osteopathy could really help with some chest complaints by improving the movement of the ribcage, the spine and the chest and back muscles. She suggested I see Elise at Brook Natural Health Centre on Canvey Island. I was very sceptical about having osteopathy for this sort of thing, but was so uncomfortable I thought I would try it.

I was amazed. It worked! And so well! I felt so much better instantly and could get a proper full deep breath straight away, and much more easily. I have since learnt that osteopathy is actually well known for helping to improve movement in the body generally, like in my case; through the upper spine and ribcage to improve breathing. It's not just for lower back pain!

Katie Higgins, Benfleet